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5 Ways to Activate Your Feminine Energy



Taking a moment out of your day to listen to your inner voice may help you regain your equilibrium. Our lives are so hectic that we are constantly pushed to be extroverted and forward-thinking. That male force is returning. This causes alienation and a lack of inner connection.

feminine energy in motherhood

You may acquire understanding by pondering on who you are. Exploring and analyzing your inner self helps you progress. What inspired you before? Why did you do that?


A dynamic and deliberate process that significantly affects one’s experiences, according to John Dewey.


Writing down your reactions to particular events and how they impacted your life is one way to reflect. Therapeutic sessions may also be used to reflect and examine life experiences.


Ask, and It Is Given

Women naturally receive and give more than men. Love is a gift that may be given tenfold. Crossed, you are doomed. Your rage will be magnified towards the offender.


Receiving issues are typically linked to feelings of inadequacy in women. Or you lack confidence. You will get more if you use your feminine strength to receive. If you’re having trouble, ask yourself:


*Why can’t I receive it?


*What does receiving imply in my life?


*Is there anything in my history that has kept me from receiving now?


*Have I ever felt manipulated after getting something?


It’s perfectly OK to ask for help when you need it. And getting a compliment is fine. Adopt it!


Also, enjoy receiving from nature. Five minutes on the grass or touching a tree may help you absorb the beauty of the planet. This will make you feel more cheerful and relaxed.



Your feminine energy seeks personal creation. Dancing is a beautiful method to enter this state. Put on your favorite music, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and dance! How does this make you feel? How does this make you feel? Use music to express yourself.


Painting, ceramics, writing, crocheting all allow you to access your feminine energy. This will give you a feeling of independence and relaxation. It’s all about flow. Women were built to give birth. Using your inner creativity allows you to express your internal energy.


Activate Your Imaginative Side

Positivity and delight make you feel lighter and more capable of taking on the world. Yet, we juggle a million projects and activities in our modern life.


Getting things done has trumped downtime and connection. Relaxation, even for five minutes a day, can help you connect to that feminine energy. You may also practice yoga or meditate. Allow for ‘playtime.’ It shouldn’t be all about the duties. Give yourself a “free day” when you go with the flow.


Accept Change

You can change with feminine energy. If you’re stuck, you’re uninspired, weary, and overworked.


Allow your inner strength to shine through and make the necessary adjustments to improve your life. Don’t be scared to leave a situation if it’s not working. Familiarity creates disdain, after all. In addition to peaceful refreshment, feminine energy may be strong and aggressive.


Change is difficult but essential for regeneration. Then the natural creative juices flow.


Do You Live in a Man’s World?

It’s time to stop saying “living in a man’s world.” If you think we live in a patriarchal culture, this will manifest in your life. That acknowledgment adds fuel to the flames. Look about you, and you will only see men in high positions, women enslaved, and a male-dominated social dynamic. You will be dazzled by the inequalities in opportunity and sex. And all you see on social media is negativity. Instead, see the man’s world’ as a chance to breakthrough. You must incant and educate your brain to believe the opposite of those beliefs (i.e., what you desire). Yes, there are difficulties, but never before have the chances been better for women to stand up and achieve what they want.


You will be empowered if you follow your passion and purpose. Women have never had greater rights. We now run companies, have children, and take care of our homes. We’re even running nations and getting accolades.


New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a beautiful example. Then she delivered a TV briefing amid an earthquake and didn’t even flinch! She also had a kid while in office and returned to work six weeks later. Of course, some may argue we’re setting the bar too high with role models like that!


Intuitive or not, your feminine energy is always there. You are a being of compassion, creativity, and insight. Replenish your sense of sensitivity and tenderness. You will be unstoppable.

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