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Instagram: how to see the activity of the people you follow now



Now that Instagram has removed the Follow Already entry to check the activity of others, how to see what friends are doing on Instagram, likes, comments and people followed? All methods available. With the latest update, Instagram has made it impossible to see the activity of those you follow. How to do it now? If for many people this were a positive news for the respect of privacy, many others would like to be able to continue spying on the people they follow on Instagram. There are many spy apps and alternative methods, more or less effective, to check the activity of others on Instagram using snoopreport and see their likes and comments on posts, and find out who they start following. Read on to find out what they are.

The removal of the Follow Already on Instagram entry has already involved the vast majority of users, and for those who can still see what their friends are doing on Instagram it is only a matter of time. By updating the app to the latest version to have Dark Mode, the ability to see the activities of others on the social network will also disappear forever. According to reports from the company, it does not seem that Instagram will restore the function in the future, as well as it will not return to show the number of likes on posts. Read also Instagram: how to see the number of likes hidden under the posts.

Instagram app to spy on the activities of others

Now that Instagram has removed the specific entry, to see what people being followed are doing, many will think of relying on spy apps or browser extensions. There are apps to see stories secretly, apps to check chats and apps to know who stops following you on Instagram. Of course, there are also apps that promise to help you see the Instagram activity of the people you follow, but they are not reliable methods and we recommend that you stay away from them.

The problem with Instagram spying apps is that most are either paid or not as effective as claimed. More than real solutions, they are often just a way to carry viruses and malware, and therefore can represent a danger to personal data and to the device on which they are downloaded. For more details, read this article.

Instagram: how to see someone’s activity

To see the activities of a followed Instagram profile, to always stay updated on the movements and actions that one or more accounts perform on the social network, here are some secondary methods.

Seeing Most Recent Posts

To see someone is most recent posts go to the Home button and scroll through your news feed to see if they have posted anything. The most popular contents and those that may interest you (according to the criteria of the Instagram algorithm) also appear in the Home. Click on the magnifying glass icon to find out if there are likes and comments from people, you follow in the news feed.

Alternatively, all that remains is to visit their profile. Here, by pressing on the little man icon or swiping from right to left, you can also see the photos the person is tagged on and view any likes and comments under the posts. Also from his profile, under the item Followed, you can see who has started to follow recently and decide, if necessary, to follow him too to immediately see any likes and comments under the posts.

Turn on notifications for that user

Turning on notifications for a particular profile is simple, and lets you know when a person posts a story or a photo, or when they comment on a post. Just go to the profile of the person to monitor, click on the Follow tab and then on Notifications. Here you can choose whether to activate notifications for posts or those for Stories, or both, to be notified every time the user does something on Instagram.

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